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Fishway at Black Rock Creek

During 2016, PCE was engaged by Catchment Solutions to design a proposed fishway at Black Rock Creek, Calen.  PCE carried out extensive research and hydraulic analysis to ensure that the new fishway would be compliant with current standards and provide a successful outcome for the transfer of fish through the cause way crossing.  The project was executed smoothly and inspections were completed throughout the construction phase to ensure compliance requirements were achieved.


Magpies Carpark Developments

Over the past ten years, PCE has provided Magpies Sporting Club, Mackay with structural and civil engineering services.  During 2015 and 2016, PCE executed the design and documentation of two new carparks.  The works included concept design through to the Operation Works design and documentation, and liaison with Mackay Regional Council, as well as construction supervision and contract administration for the construction delivery.

Concept and detailed design, road and intersection design

IMG 2657-webProject: St Brendan's Catholic Primary School (new school)

Location: Mackay-Bucasia Road, Shoal Point

What was once a greenfield site is being transformed into a state-of-the-art new catholic primary school for Mackay's Northern Beaches.  PCE was involved from the concept design, throughout the in depth negotiations with the Department of Transport and Main Roads and Mackay Regional Council for the design of a new signalised intersection on a State Controlled Road, and is undertaking the construction services



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Hydraulic design, modelling and investigations

hydraulics-2-webProject: Shoal Point residential subdivision

Location: Shoal Point, Mackay

Along with the overall detailed design of the subdivision, a hydraulic investigation was required to ensure adequate water supply could be achieved throughout the development due to the elevated nature of the site and limited capacity in the existing network. PCE was able to create a model of the water network and design the infrastructure to meet all relevant requirements, whilst ensuring future staging arrangements were optimised.                   

Preliminary masterplanning and concept design

Project: Aurizon Jilalan depot facilities upgrade

Location: near Sarina, Mackay Region

This design and construct project required engineering input prior to the project being sent out for tender to ensure the Client could specific sufficient information to the Design and Construct tenderers to achieve their desired product.  PCE undertook various aspects of masterplanning and concept design in the early stages of this project (for stormwater management, adequate vehicle manoeuvrability and economic earthworks) directly for Aurizon, before proceeding to detailed design and successfully obtaining a full Operational Works permit.

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Site Based Stormwater Management Plans, MUSIC modelling

Project: Sugarfields Estate

Location: Ooralea, Mackay

In addition to the other components of the subdivision (see "Large Scale Subdivisons" (LINK), PCE also undertook concept design, MUSIC modelling and detailed design of the stormwater quality improvement devices which included a number of bioretention pods within the road reserves throughout the estate.

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Drainage investigations

Hydraulic-MAIN PIC-webProject: Mackay Showgrounds Redevelopment

Location: Mackay City, Mackay

The redevelopment of the Mackay Showgrounds was lobbied for by the community for many years before funding was allocated.  The location and recent history meant that a drainage upgrade of the site was a must, but the staged nature of the redevelopment and funding allocations meant that a wholesale upgrade was not possible.  As part of the Stage 1 works, PCE was engaged to undertake a drainage investigation and preparation of a masterplan to provide a plan for the staged upgrade, working within the confines of the existing downstream drainage and the surrounding infrastructure.


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